Pacific Gateway Center has for many years been the open portal for immigrants and refugees seeking a land which for them would allow the opportunity for better life. To this end we have developed programs that nurture the development and acculturation of those who are of low income or who have not had access to resources which would provide the freedoms that we have taken for granted. Our work is not only of great value to the community but serves as the threshold to many other states that will absorb these new people into an American culture.

With many years of working with government agencies, private industry and partnering with local non-profits we have created employment, moved people off welfare and placed many into self-sufficient by providing economic development services for small business. The range of services has expanded over the years and has been designed to change with the times. Our response to sudden down turns in the economy or changes in government regulations has moved PGC into taking a pro-active position in regards to economic development, job creation, training, education and affordable housing.

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